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Susan’s Story

Susan’s Story

I am 41 years old and have recently been diagnosed with Stargardts disease. I am still in total shock. I had “perfect” vision one day, distorted the next!

My job involves driving, I work for a nursing home and visit clients in their home. I noticed street signs were hard to read and distorting, concerned I visited my local optomotrist who said I had defects in my right eye. He referred me to a specialist. After testing, he told me it was Stargardts! I had never heared of it, and had no idea of the implications. Prognosis was, no cure, no treatment! I was devastated. 6 weeks later I noticed distortion in my left eye and returned to the specialist. He could give me no guesses as to how rapid this disease will affect me. I went home and searched the net. The information pointed to a childhood disease! This can’t be me!! was he wrong! Talking again to my Dr, Yes it’s not impossible to have Stargardts develop at a later age. I am so pleased to have found this website and read the encouraging stories, from different age groups. Thank you!! Im so glad we are not alone. No matter what age.

I would love to hear from anyone who has developed this disease later on in life. You can reach me on: