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Sharon from Sydney, Australia

Sharon’s Story

Hi to you all
My name is Sharon and this is my story , I am 40 and live in Sydney Australia and found out that I suffered from stargardts about 13 years ago. I had no problems through my childhood teenage years and early adulthood . I only found out that I have this dieses through my brother been diagnosed with it when he was in his early thirties. Because of this, my other brother and I were tested ,luckily my other brother has perfect vision and no sign of it . My older brother suffers much worse than myself, he takes it as it comes. I have only been affected in the last few years as my sight has got a little worse . I am one of the lucky ones as a lot of you suffer more than me.

I work close to home and am still able to function in my job . The hardest thing to live with having the disease ( as we all cope and adjust to) are things related to poor vision such as not being able to drive which has affected me the most . I have been driving for twenty three years up until last year , in trying to renew my licence I had it taken away which has taken a lot away from me and my kids. Luckily they are teenagers and adults now and have adjusted to mum not driving, the older ones help out . I am blessed to have a wonderful man come into my life two years ago and is very supportive of me and wonderful friends that help me . Everyday passes and we should make the most of what we have and pray and help those worse off than yourself .

Enjoy life and living and maybe one day someone may find a treatment that will make us see better.

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