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Menchelin from Batangas City, Philippines

Menchelin’s Story

I am a nurse, my husband is also a nurse. Way back 1998, I suffered from morning sickness (for my 1st baby). After vomitting, I noticed my eyes were bloody red. There was no problem with my vision at that time. After a year, I noticed I had a floater at the side of my right eye. It was like a very small fly floating.

In june 2002,my right eye vision became so blurred. Vision is distorted. For straight matter like a straight rod, I can see it as a spiral thing, curves and not straight. I sought help fr a doctor here. They found a bleeding vessel in the retina. Bad thing is, nobody wants to touch it or do some laser treatment because it is near the macula. They said I might get blind.

I felt so down all i have in my mind is my 3 kids. They are still so young (my eldest that time is 4 yrs. old) September 2002…my left eye vision follows. Everything is blurred, everything is distorted, i cant recognize people. When i talk to people i wont be able to pinpoint his/her nose, but periphery is ok.

Again, i sought for consultation. i saw more than 10 doctors but they have the same dialog…i’m sorry menchie, the site is so dangerous to do a laser.

But as a mother, i did not give up. My prayers helped me a lot. I am a fighter and nothing is impossible to god. Finally, I met a filipino chinese doctor and he did laser on me. Thanks god after 6 sessions,no more bleedings until now.

Because of my condition, i cannot go back to nursing profession. Laser treatments cost big money and our savings is not that big. But the lord is so good. God always provides.

So at present, there is a little improvement because bleedings and congestions are gone. But my vision remains blurred and central vision is poor. All i have here is my buddy…a magnifying glass which really helps enlarge the letters. When the letters are enlarged, i will use my periphery to read it. My memory is still sharp it is my vision only that deteriorated. So, I still believe that i will still earn money even though my visioon is poor. My eldest now is turning 8 yrs old next is 5 and youngest is 2. My husband has been so supportive to me. He taught me a style in typing so now i am familiar to the keypad.

Stargardts disease has made a big change in my life, my lifestyle, my career, my sexlife (the doctor advise to avoid pressure, stress etc) and shall i say it changed my entire life. It hurts at first but i am a realistic person. I don’t cry on weaknesses that come in me, but instead, i start counting the blessings that god is giving me. No more self pity, it is not the end of the world. I continue fighting because god is good and life is beautiful even though i am half blind.