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Loretta’s Story

Loretta’s Story – Written by her husband, Greg

My wife has been diagnosed with Stargardt’s since 1992. She and her father went to NIH and participated in a brief national study. Both had the same degree degeneration. My wife received a very complicated therapy lens treatment by Dr. Roy Wesley, from Chicago for ten years. Her father did not. Her fathers eyes deteriorated to such a degree that he eventually became almost “dark”. My wife’s therapy allowed her to continue to not only see, but actually improved her vision so that she could read without any glasses. The clinic that Dr. Wesley practiced in went out of business in 2001 and she no longer was able to get treatment. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Wesley for the ten years of treatment he provided Loretta.

After two years of no treatment her eyes began deteriorating. Doctors gave us no hope and it was very discouraging. In October of 2003, we read an article about a Dr. Nolan who was having some success treating patients with Stargardt’s. We made an appointment and went to visit him the second week of December. His examination indicated she had Stargardt’s and had vision of 20/200. He treated her with some eye drops on Thursday night and on Friday morning she could see without glasses. She could read the paper and the tests confirmed that her vision had improved to 20/30. It was a miracle. Her father could actually see the TV and read the big print on the bottom of the screen.

The procedure has not been approved by the FDA yet, and Dr. Nolan is hoping to get it approved and accepted by the medical community. He is one private practice doctor who may have found, not a cure because if you stop taking the drops the condition returns, but a treatment that offers hope we have not had in many years.

His name is:
Dr. Gerard M. Nolan, MD FACS
Nolan Eye Research, Inc.
231 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT
860 674 9627 Office
860.676.8622 Fax

After the treatment we did not know how to thank him. He asked only one thing from us – to pray that he had the stamina to continue his efforts and to ask people to pray for approval by the FDA and the medical community so that more people could receive this blessing.

I encourage you to review his website and notify others that there may be hope for some people when so many doctors have told us there was not hope.

Greg Falk