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Josephine from Long Island, NY

Josephine’s Story

Hi, my name is Josephine. I am 36 years old and was diagnosed at 31. My life has not been the same since. I used to be a CPA with a very bright career and unfortunately, this disease has forced me into retirement. I am currently a homemaker who takes care of two beautiful children. I am sorry if I sound bitter but I guess I still am at times. The disease took away my independence and I still have great difficulty dealing with that. I know I should be grateful for what I have and I try to be, but it is still very frustrating.

I live approx 35 miles out of New York City and love visiting the city because I don’t feel so trapped. Most people in NYC walk or rely on mass transit. It helps to fit in. I live in the suburbs where people drive everywhere. I must say that driving is probably what I miss most. Being able to jump in the car and do what needs to be done, without having to wait for someone to take you, is something that only some of you can understand.

Anyway, I would love to hear from some of you.
My e-mail is: