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Jessica’s story

Jessica’s Story

I grew up in a family of 5 with a legally blind mom who suffers with Stargardt’s. My Grandma, 3 great aunts, several cousins, and my sister all have this condition and are all legally blind.

In 1995 my entire family was asked to participate in a genetic study to help discover the gene responsable for this condition. Over 17000 people world-wide who either have or are related to someone who has Stargardts participated in this study. I personally do not suffer from Stargardts or any other form of Macular, In fact I have 20/20 vision, However, genetically speaking it was discovered through this genetic study that I am a very rare and special person indeed.

A special gene was dicovered in only 3 of the over 17000 people studied world-wide. This special gene was dubbed “the crossover gene” and is considered a gene that may hold the key to a possible future treatment or cure for this genetic disorder.

I am one of those 3 people and it is my hope someday that perhaps a miracle cure might be found and that perhaps I might be able to participate more in the discovery of it. In the meantime I wish to offer my full support to everyone out there who has or is related to those who have this disease.

God bless
Jessica Hutchinson