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Jan’s story

Jan’s story – who has raised 2 kids with Stargardts

Hello all, I am the mom of 2 children with stargardts. They were both diagnosed in elementary school – 2nd and 4th grade. We have certainly had many trials and many times I have the question why? There is absolutely no history in our families that indicate any problems and yet both of our kids have it. Any ideas???? Any way, they are now 34 and 30 – both successful in what they do – they are both college graduates with other advanced certifications. Our son is a physical trainer and our daughter is a paralegal. She is married and is considering starting a family – they want to know if this will be passed on to her children and our son is asking the same questions? Does anyone know??? We cant seem to get straight answers from the docs. After all these years – it will feel good to correspond with someone who has first hand experience with this condition.