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Garin from Boston, MA

Diagnosed with Stargardts at 7 and I am now 42 and I’ve done pretty well despite suffering some mild first world setbacks. I’ve read board for a really long time but I’ve never had the guts to identify myself as a person with a disability.

I was born inheriting a gene from my grandmother who was nearly blind by age 50. I work in an IT job in Boston and have, for the past fifteen years, very happily kicking along and doing well with 36″ monitors, care of my company.

I have two lovely daughter’s, 5 & 8. They have a respect for Daddy’s inability to drive. I’ve masterfully remained mobile my whole live with two feet, public transportation, taxis and a bicycle which I may not always be able to ride. But, that being said, I think our fortunes are changing with what I’ve read about the stem cell breakthroughs. So, if you want to reach me with any questions or comments, please reach out to me, especially if you are an insider who knows more about the treatment:)