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Eddie/Cornelle from Lydenburg, South Africa

Eddie’s’ Story – Received 11 January, 2009

My name is Eddie Leach and I reside in Lydenburg, South Africa. My daughter, Cornelle aged 9 has been diagnosed with Stargardts in August 08. We want to keep her in public school as the schools for vision impared are in the city (Pretoria) which is 300km away or in the Cape Province which is 1400km away and we do not want to place her in boarding school.

The help and info I require is the following:
1. Is there someone out there whom have/are in public school that can give advice on steps taken and actions taken to assist the child with the challenges posed by SGD?
2. Info on equipment such as desk lamps, magnifiers etc.
3. Practical points that helped.

Best Regards
Eddie Leach

My email is: