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Dawn from Chicago

Dawn’s Story

DawnMy name is Dawn and I was diagnosed with Stargardts at the age of 15. The quarter before taking the drivers education class. That was a heart breaker.

I am now 24 and highly functional. I moved out of my parents’ house at the age of 18. Stargardts never really affected me. I always looked at it as a blessing because I know there are worse diseases to have. I have never been hospitalized for anything. I’m completely healthy, and I have to look at that as a blessing.

I have always been very outgoing. So, I meet people all the time, the problem is when I run into them again, and don’t recognize their faces. I hate that! When someone is yelling your name and you don’t have a clue who it is until they are right in front of you. Well, now that I’m older, pride is out the window and I’m very open with telling people about my visual impairment. It keeps down a lot of confusion. I live independently and I’m now looking into Biopic Telescopes for driving. My vision corrected is 20/400. So, if there is anyone out there that drives with Biopic glasses, please e-mail me and tell me about your driving experiences.

I currently attend College for Entrepreneurship, and have a CCTV at my school. And, Zoomtext on the computers at school, also on my home PC. All in all I cope pretty well, i feel everything happens for a reason. The best advice I can give someone with Stargardts is, if you want something you have to step out of your comfort zone and go out and get it.