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Connie from Utah

Connie’s Story

I am a 40 year old wife, mother of four and grandmother of two. I was diagnosed about eight years ago. I maintained fairly good vision until about 2 years ago. I had to give up driving and then working. I am a nurse and was working at a long term care facility which I absolutely loved. I had worked with lots of pationts with age related macular degeneration blindness, didn’t really think I would join their ranks so soon, but you play the hand you are dealt!

I have fantastic support. I have the most awesome family! they are so good to me. I also have great support from the state division of services for the blind and visually impaired, and vocational rehab. I have adaptive equipment and am taking a medical transcription course correspondence. I also have great support form the members of the church I attend.

I live in a rural area, and not being able to drive is one of my major issues. I have learned to use a mobility cane and I get around ok.

Right after I started using the cane, I went into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. As I was leaving the lady behind me in line said to the clerk, in a very loud whisper, “IS THAT LADY BLIND?” I thought to myself, yeah, but not deaf!! I laughed all the way home. I think its important to know that we can still take care of ourselves and do things we want to do. I am working on new job skills, I tend my darling grandbabies at every opportunity, teach a Sunday School class and love to hang out with my family. Sure we have to make modifications and giving up even a little independence is so hard. But, it can be done. I can honestly say that I enjoy my life.

Every day brings its own new challenges, whether you’re visually impaired or not.

I am so glad to have a forum to share with other people in my situation. No one can know how it is unless they have experienced it, that makes everyones stories so valuable to me, I can relate!

Connie from Utah