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Chuck’s story

Hello – just wondering – I see these stories about folks with stargardts being praised for running races and doing everyday things that I have been doing for years. I’m 62 and have been legally blind since the age of 15. I have been doing things folks with regular sight do — to a point. I was one of the better frisbee players around my neighborhood and around in general. I played pool, could not see the numbers on the ball, but I could recognize the color. Sometimes I mistook the 9 ball for the q ball -and at certain bars that was almost fighting words, if you play pool in bars you know what I mean. Wasn’t great but I could play softball but not baseball as that ball moved too fast. I ride bicycle, ride dirt bike, motorcycle -and even though I could never be licensed to drive, I have been driving for over 40 years. I can’t just go anywhere, I have to really know the area (don’t tell the police).

There are a lot of things I do in everyday life that I see in some of these blogs and other publications – that people are astonished by their endeavors. Is there anyone else that can relate to this — or should I look into writing a book. I have stories that wil make you laugh – cry – and say HOLY HECK.

When I was 16 my friends and I applied for work permits in PGH PA. When I could not pass the eye exam they wern’t going to let me work so me and my friends doctored the report to show instead of 20/200, it read 20/20, got the job and worked there through high school and trade school– (so there) lol — I do remember the eye tester thinking I just needed glasses (wrong), laugh and said you couldn’t even be a golf caddy — but I have been working in the trades and building maintenance my whole life because of my poor eyesight – no advancement or higher wages – but watcha going to do. If anyone can relate to this and if you feel like it, respond to —I THINK I HAVE SAID ENOUGH – IF YOU READ THIS WHOLE THING, THANKS – I KNOW I’M TIRED – BYE 4 NOW

Story received: 19 August, 2013