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Brittany from Radcliff, Kentucky

Brittany’s story

My daughter, Brittany was just diagnosed this summer with Stargardt’s. She is 14 and a freshman in high school. She had 20/200 at the time of the eye testing. I did not notice her vision decreasing until her 8th grade year of school. I took her to a couple of eye doctors and I thought they were pulling my leg, until the last one referred her to a retinal specialist. He did about 9 hours of testing (two days) and sent her records to a doctor in Boston.

After about a month of waiting, we found out she had Stargardts. It is hard for her not only adjusting to knowing she has a vision disability, but I notice all the things that were mentioned in previous posts. I commend all of you that have this disorder. I myself woke up one morning and could not hear out of one of my ears and for the last 9 years have a constant ringing and will never hear out of that ear. I make adjustments just as she does and am learning to understand.

Kim, Mum to Brittany