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Brian from Rockford, Michigan

Brian’s Story

My name is Brian, I am 35 and was diagnosed with Stargardts at age 19, what a time in my life to think that I was going to go totally blind.

I remember the day that I was diagnosed with this condition, it was really a bad year, I had turned to alcohol and denial to handle my feelings, boy that was the wrong choice. That year went by in a vision of booze and self pity. I had given up my drivers license by my choice, I didn’t want to hurt anyone by driving (hard decision at 19).

Since that year I have slowly pulled myself up and with the help of a very special lady , whom I later married, I got it together.

It still gets me down sometimes but over all I have learned to accept it, the driving part is the worst, even still. Reading the other stories from all of you helps even more. It felt like I was the only one that had this condition, its nice to know I’m not alone.