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Alfredo’s Story – written by his wife, Lyn

Our story starts a little later in life. My husband and I had a wonderful beginning. We met in Bermuda, where he worked as a waiter. I was on vacation. After living together for a few years we decided to marry and start a family. Once our daughter arrived, we felt compelled to move back to the States to be closer to my family. Since my husband was an Italian citizen, we had to go through the process for his entry to the states. He began to notice his eyesight was blurred, but felt it was from driving a motorcycle and the salt air and being in his mid 30s. Long story short he met an eye doctor who tested his eyes and told him the grim news. Stargardts was robbing his sight, his independence, and his self esteem.

Many years have passed, 20, he helped raise a beautiful daughter, learned about public transportation, and everyday he goes to work making pizza at the Taj Mahal Casino. Self esteem has to be addressed every so often. But the rest is a tribute to him. He would not allow this dreaded disease to take him over. I on the other hand am blessed that he really does not know how bad I look on a bad hair day.

Lyn in New Jersey.