It was from Karl Stargardt, a German ophthalmologist, that Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy derived its name in 1909. It is the most frequently encountered juvenile onset form of the group of conditions known as ‘macular dystrophies’.

Listed below are links and support group addresses that may be of use to those interested in Stargardt’s Disease. Please send any new links/additional information to and the page will be updated. The most recent additions are at the top of each section.


February 2016: Stargardt Disease, Research Advances from Foundation Fighting Blindness

Eye on the Cure via the Foundation Fighting Blindness website.

VisionAware tells of positive stem cell clinical trial results – from their post dated 21 October, 2014.

Clinical Trials in the US and search for Stargardts to see a list of clinical trials.

UK medics lead Europe’s first embryonic stem cell trial – from BBC News regarding Stargardts – “They will inject retinal cells into the eyes of 12 patients with an incurable disease, Stargardt’s macular dystrophy …”. – BBC, 22 September 2011

Expert Answers on Stargardt’s Disease – The New York Times, July 21, 2011


That blind girl

“What Do Blind People See?” – Nysha has Stargardts and explains how she sees the world. She has many interesting posts on her Blind Girls See blog.

A day in the life with Stargardt’s Disease written by Matt De Gruchy on the Vision 2020 Australia website, is well worth reading.

Heather has some great posts that we can all relate to.

THERI14 Stargardts blog and random thoughts – was newly diagnosed with late onset Stargardts and is new to blogging.

Libby, who has Stargardts, has an excellent blog included on her The Checkered Eye Project website.

The Ever Changing Perspective of Essceejulies – Sharina’s description of her blog is: “Blog chronicling my ever chaining perspective of this world based on my opinions and the changes in my vision due to Stargardt’s Disease.”

VIBE – Visually Impaired and Blind Empowerment – A great new website, primarily about Stargardt’s, with sections on adaptive equipment and macular degeneration plus a blog.

Living with Stargardt’s Disease – Bhumika’s blog. I highly recommend a visit as her posts are very good indeed with useful tips as well as updates on research and her accounts of how Stargardt’s has affected her.

Living with and supporting Stargardt’s Disease – a blog by Kayley, who has Stargardts and is an artist and professional singer from Warrington in England. A useful post – Stargardt’s Groups and Pages on Facebook.

Living with Stargardt’s – a blog by Jen in Toronto, Canada.

LVATUG blog – serving the North Carolina Triangle low vision community in USA.

See Through My Eyes – Stargardt’s Disease – posts by C.R. in Sydney, Australia.


There are MANY video clips on YouTube about Stargardt’s Disease. Here are a few of them.
Two Blind Brothers Watch this if you have just been diagnosed.

“Stargardt Disease” by AMDF

Jessica Parsell

Rose’s story

Tips for Adults Living with Stargardt’s Disease | Life, Legally Blind ◌ alishainc

5 Tips for Stargardt’s Disease Everyone Should Know | Life, Legally Blind ◌ alishainc

Living with Stargardt’s Disease

And some other useful videos for visually impaired:
10 makeup tips for visually impaired and those who are new to makeup

Facebook Groups/Pages

Stargardt’s Research Group

Stargardt’s Support Group

Stargardt’s Disease Forum


Although not specific to Stargardts Disease, Wonder Baby is a good resource for parents of children with a visual impairment.

Vision Center in Austin, Texas has a section on Macular Degeneration/Stargardts

Some of us with Stargardts are also color blind and this provides a good overview: It’s not all black and white: Understanding colorblindness

The National Eye Institute has a good facts page for Stargardts.

The website Disabled World has a good section on Macular Dystrophy: Types, Causes and Treatments

The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists Stargardts info page

All about Vision has extensive information about Stargardt’s and research related to Stargardts.

Family Connect – For parents of children with visual impairments.

eyeSmart have some useful tips on how to make life easier when you have Stargardts.

orpha-net’s page on Stargardt’s Disease – the portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs.

The Low Vision Centers of Indiana has a very thorough information page about Stargardt’s Disease.

Flor Braga wrote “I’m the president of Stargardt APNES, Stargardt Disease Patients and Parents Association from Argentina. We have a networking group with all Latinamerica’s patients associations. Here is the webiste:

Stargardt macular degeneration on Genetic Home Reference – A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Self-Training in Eccentric Viewing – learning to use your peripheral vision when you have Stargardt’s.

AMDF – American Macular Degeneration Foundation have a page specifically about Stargardt’s.

Wikipedia now has a posting for Stargardts Disease.

RNIB in England provides information as well as contact addresses.

Foundation Fighting Blindness in USA has a whole section on just Stargardts as well as forums etc.

Vaughan Hillier wrote: “I am happy to announce that your website inspired me to set up a website specifically for Australians with Stargardts Disease. The address is:”
I have received a few e-mails about Dr. Nolan and his treatment that seems to help patients with Stargardts. He has a website at:

Kris W. at wrote:
“Hi, I just wanted to make you aware of an eye doctor in Connecticut, Dr. Nolan. This doctor is having great success in improving the vision of people with Stargardt Disease and other eye conditions by administering Echothiophate eye drops. I myself have been seeing him for a few weeks now and my vision is improving. granted I’m not seeing 20/20, but its great. His website is . If you need anymore info. please e-mail me back.”

THE CHECKERED EYE PROJECT works to increase awareness of the Checkered Eye emblem, a new option for communicating the fact that a person has low vision.

MD Support – The Eyes of the Macular Degeneration People –
offers excellent support via information and e-mail support etc. Even includes some photos showing how MD affects our vision. Check out the section called The Stargardt Team where people of all ages have submitted details about their Stargardts.

The Macular Degeneration Foundation – contains a good links page as well as option to get a chat channel and e-mail list.


“Glimpse: A Telling Tattle” by D.S. Sully – who wrote sayhing “As the author of “Glimpse”, I have chronicled my lifetime of living with Stargardts. As I tell my readers, it has taken me over 50 years of lifetime experiences to explain this challenging situation. One of the goals of Glimpse is to explain the adaptive nature of Stargardts. From my experiences, far too many people view vision loss as an all or nothing dilemma. They have a hard time comprehending that area between perfect acuity and total blindness. Even most of the supporting organizations tend to cater more so toward total blindness rather than partial vision. As such, I am often asked why I do not read braille or use a white cane. My answer has always been the same by noting that neither seems to apply well when I am mowing the lawn or riding a bike. Sometimes I tire from trying to explain what I can or cannot see. Over the years, I have learned to shrug that off and be content with thriving on the periphery, which I have done in six different career fields and though numerous adventures, the most recent of which has led to becoming a recognized visual artist.” Link to Google Books. Read Book Profile on Glimpse.

“Macular Degeneration” by Dr. Lylas G. Mogk, M.D.
“This is a great new book” wrote Tom Perski. You can buy it online via Amazon or Random House.

Access, Equipment and Employment

Navigating the Internet for the visually impaired – This page is a comprehensive summary of practical internet accessibility tips for vision-impaired users – covering topics such as using text-to-speech, changing text size and more.

eSight eyewear – On the website they say “eSight is the only intelligent eyewear that enables those with legal blindness to actually see”.

Blind drivers at the steering wheel – Interesting article on BBC News Magazine, 14 April, 2013

AppleVis – A community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple’s range of Mac computers, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Web Based Technology Discussions, Newsletters and Podcasts

Ai Squared – Leaders in Low Vision Software.

I use Zoom Text and have done so for MANY years. You can download a free 30 day trial version from their website!

The Low Visoin Gateway which is an excellent resource including links specifically for Stargardts.

Addresses of Support Groups

Association for Macular Diseases
210 E. 64th Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 605-3719
– Offers education and information on macular disease through seminars, newsletters, and a hotline. Offers counseling to patients and their families.

Macular Degeneration International
is now a part of Foundation Fighting Blindness
Toll Free Helpline 1-800-683-5555
– Provides support for people affected by inherited macular degenerations including Stargardt’s disease.