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  1. I just found out 3 days ago that my daughter has Stargardt Disease. Can I give her my eyes? I know that probably sounds silly, but again, I’m 3 days in and scared to death that my baby who will be 21 in a week and a half is going to be blind in two years. Her life is just getting started….I’ve lived mine. She’s an artist, she paints. She needs her eyes.

  2. Hi,
    I have just read through some of your posts and I would like to ask you some questions about your condition since I recently have been diagnosed with Stargardt┬┤s and my eye doctor has some difficulties to understand as I try to explain what I see. I am a 25 years old girl from Sweden and got the diagnos in April this year, so everything is new for me. I started to notice some vision loss at age of 16, but it was not severe and I managed to live normal life. At age of 21 I started to notice some floaters or black spots mostly in my right eye but it was not until 2016 when I noticed that I got more spots and they become even bigger. After examination of my eyes with ERG, they told me that my retina was very thin (thinner in the left eye) and that I also have dystrophy in macula. I am not sure enough but my doctor told me that she could not see yellow flecks (typiclly for Stargardt). However, they took blood for genetic test to see if there is any mutation in gene ABCA4 or other genes. My doctor said that she mistakes Stargardt and I will receive the result from the genetic analysis in October.
    I am about to finish my studies at univeristy as engineer in nanoscience, but right now it feels like my entire world is just about to collapse. I am wondering if you also see floaters, have headache, pain in the eyes, photosensitive and how do you live your daily life, do you use any special sunglasses etc. I will be very glad to hear about your symptoms in the beginning of the disease and what symptoms did you develop during the time. Thanks!

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