Cash-free society

I live in Sweden and I am getting more and more frustrated that this country is becoming a cash-free society which, for the visually impaired in particular, is a big problem. More and more cafes and restaurants do not accept cash and even “normal” shops. I have a bank card that I can “blip” for amounts up to 200 kronor, over that amount and you have to use your PIN code. The big problem is that not all card readers are the same design with differing layouts of numbers etc. Sometimes the number pads are so close too so I cannot differentiate between them. At the same time, I cannot see or read the small display so have no idea of the amount I am agreeing to pay! I have been told that one can ask for a receipt to be printed out and then you can sign that. Sure, but that receipt from the card reader is a tiny slip, I see no numbers so I still do not know the amount I am saying OK to or see the tiny line to sign my name!!! It is not only the visually impaired that finds this so challenging but other groups such as the elderly who may find it easier to have their weekly budget in cash rather than keeping a tab of expenditure via tiny card reader receipts etc.
Today I even discovered a new, very cumbersome method of payinng to go to the toilet! Fortunately, there was a lady to help guide but not the simplest of payment systems! First, “blip” your card on the display to the left of the entrance. take the paper receipt to a reader on the right side of the entrance to scan and then you can finally be let into the toilets! Just putting a coin into a slot was so much easier!!!
How is it where you live? Do you still have the choice to pay with cash or by card?