Windows Magnifier

I have been a dedicated user of Zoom Text for many, many years. However, my daughter (who also has Stargardts) introduced me to the built in magnifier that comes with Windows … I love it! In fact, on my new computer, I use it more than Zoom Text these days. I am sure most of you have already discovered it. With my new computer that has Windows 8, I have had problems with Zoom Text compatibility with some programs … but the Windows magnifier works with them, no problems.
Windows Magnifier

Read more about how to turn on and adjust Windows magnifier on the Microsoft website.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your post. This is my first time hereon but I just wanted to add something hopefully interesting for some of you.
    I have tried to work with windows magnifier and after few trials I discovered that the same function can be installed in the computer mouse. It has to be a microsoft mouse with programmable buttons. This way I can open the magnifier bysimply pushing the left side button of my mouse. You can adjust the font size and the size of the whole magnifier window just by scrolling and holding the button at the same time. Maybe you can try it. For me this is the only way to work and I have been using this tool for almost 9 years now.
    Good luck,

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