Visual aid for cooks?

I tend not to use my recipe books now due to my inability to see the text but one can find all sorts of recipes on the web. This is a real bonus for us who are visually impaired as we can see the recipe with ease using Zoom Text or other magnification programs. I usually copy the recipe text and paste it into a Word document enlarging the text size to REALLY big 🙂 I saw this little nifty idea on Facebook: By using an everyday skirt/pants hanger to clip the recipe into and hang on a cupboard handle, one avoids back ache if recipe is on the counter and the splatters from ingredients or messy fingers!

Anyone else care to share other tips and tricks to use when one is a visually impaired cook?

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  1. When I was first diagnosed with Stargardts as an adult, a friend told me that many visually impaired people place dots on their kitchen appliances. On the oven, for example, you can place a dot on 350 degrees and another on 450 degrees to serve as a guide if you can no longer see the temperature setting. One of the common problems I have heard is the difficulty in having hand written labels stay on food products in the freezer- they often fall off. If you do not know Braille as is my case, people often use different colored rubber bands around different frozen objects- one for meat, one for chicken, etc. I have heard various responses regarding the effectiveness of the labeling pens on frozen foods.


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