“Summertime and the livin’ is easy …”

The brighter, lighter days of summer certainly make living and getting around a lot easiaer for me with my Stargardts! Living in Sweden, the summer days are longer too and late evening walks are a joy. However, once we change the clocks at the end of October, I feel like I am forced into a deep, dark cave which I have to endure until, after December 21, the days slowly … and I mean oh so slowly … begin to get a little lighter. I can then begin to walk with more confidence with the aid of lovely, longer, lighter, brighter days, and hopefully with the added bonus of sunshine, in the summer months.

Daylight is my best buddy. OK, I can still stumble over roots, edges of sidewalks, uneven slabs etc. in the middle of the day in the summer but it is nothing compared to dark winter mornings and afternoons when ice and snow are added challenges underfoot when trying to walk from point A to point B with some dignity.

OK, so in the summer months it can still be hard to find friends on a crowded beach or at an outdoor restaurant but nothing compared to the challenge in the winter months of finding friends in a gloomy, poorly-lit interior of a restaurant that also throws in a few level differences for fun!

Jogging for me on a bright sunny day can be hazardous – jogging from bright, open sunny spots into shady, shadowy woody areas can make me act like a cat on a hot tin roof …. maybe the shadows hide roots ready to bite my toes or trip me up! My eyes take longer than the norm to adjust from light to shade thus hindering me from jogging with a nice, relaxed body position!

Finding the right sunglasses is a hard task I feel …. if they are too dark I just end up having to take them off all the time, if they are too light then I still squint because of the sun. However, with the use of sunglasses, the eye contact problem is less obvious.

As a Stagardts’ sufferer, please let others know of what you like most about summer … we all have our preferences and maybe sunshine is not your buddy?!

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with the sun. I see better in the day rather than the evenings, but the sunlight bothers my eyes. In total, I prefer the cooler months of the year with cloudy days. I can not go outside without sunglasses and often a hat pulled down to shield my eyes from direct sunlight. I look a little strange being all covered up, but what can I do? As a middle aged woman who was recently diagnosed with Stargardt’s, you would think that I am well past dealing with insecurity about my appearance, but I guess not. LOL!
    Most visually impaired people that I have have met in the past few years prefer a bright, very well lit environment but I tend to do a little better without extreme brightness indoors or outside.
    I have all my indoor lighting set on dimmers so I can have it less bright than my husband. Over time, I may need more brightness but not yet.
    I agree that finding the correct pair of
    sunglasses has been a challenge. I am also near sighted so I work with my optician toi find prescription singlasses that are dark, but not too dark and have anti glare coating.
    Your blog is wonderful. I hope you keep writing.

    Best, Michelle

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